Your Life Insurance Claims Can Be Rejected for These 4 Reasons.

Care should be exercised all the time while buying an insurance policy, even if you are buying any policy. Whether it is life insurance, health insurance or any insurance Sometimes it happens that in the haste when filling the form, we fill in wrong information, which makes the form unusable.

However, it does not matter that you have deliberately misinformed the information or it has happened inadvertently. But companies refuse the claim by citing incorrect information or incomplete information. So you should be absolutely alert when buying an insurance policy …

Hiding: When filling the information asked in the form, you should give complete information about your lifestyle, medical history and family history. Experts show that in addition to the information related to your health and lifestyle, which you have asked in the form, you should tell all the questions related to smoking and alcohol in particular. If you are not drinking cigarettes daily, but occasionally drink cigarettes, you should fill the information of the smoker in the form. If you have thought that information is hidden for the payment of premium, then your form can be rejection because of this.

Provide information even after being afflicted with chronic disease: According to the Expert, to get the right benefit of insurance cover also, fully explain the current situation. Doing so will increase the chance of your claim being rejigted. If you are already suffering from any illness, you can go to the insurance rejection list if you do not tell about it.

Delay in claim filing: Expert says that if you took more time than the earlier date of filing the claim, it could lead to unnecessary suspicion. In such a way the insurer can be called for a long time to investigate. In this situation, the probability of the dismissal is increased.

Being a policy lapse: To avoid claim dismissal, continue paying premiums periodically under the policy. If your policy has expired due to premium payment, then your insurer may refuse your claim. If a claim is made even after one day of the expiry of the policy, then the insurance company can reject the claim.