You get free 5 insurance cover, do you know?

If you work hard day and night, obviously you will also want a little break from work. That’s why you plan vacations. Suppose you have boarded the flight for your trip and your flight reaches your destination after a few hours, but by going to it you know that your luggage does not reach your destination. What will happen in this? All your mood will get spoiled. This type of experience is heart-boggling. But if you keep some information, then you can reduce your pain.

You should know that some insurance cover is provided to you with your air ticket. Such insurance cover makes the airline accountable to compensate you in the event of any losses incurred in your luggage. In such a situation, you must register a complaint and complete the further process. We are giving you information about some such insurance cover in your news that are available for free.

LPG cylinders get insurance of 40 to 50 lakhs: An accident with LPG cylinder is not normal, but people do not know that in the event of this happening they can claim the insurance in lieu of the property and the damage done to the body. Are. Generally, gas agencies do not provide information to customers. According to HPCL’s website, all the registered LPG gas cylinders are insured in the event of such an accident. The insurance cover on gas cylinders ranges from 40 to 50 million. All Registered Consumers are given the facility of insurance cover in the event of accident due to gas cylinders at the registered house. All members of the family come in its cover.

Bank Deposit: You will be surprised to know that the amount deposited in your bank is also insured, whose cover size is upto Rs. 1 lakh. Although this is sometimes not the same. But it is said that nothing is better than nothing happens. You can get relief when banks default and you know that 1 lakh of deposits in your bank are available in insurance free. I.e. the bank’s savings account, fixed account, current account and the reporting account of the recurring account fall within its purview. This insurance cover is given by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC), which is a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India.

Mobile phone: Insurance cover is also provided on your mobile phone and its cover size depends on the model of the phone. Under this, insurance companies provide group cover for smartphones through retailers. The scope of mobile insurance is growing once again. But the proposed cover does not include accidental damage and theft. Tata AIG provides sim insurance in which the SIM is covered against lost or stolen or misused. Such compensation is compensated by the company.

Company also receives free deposit on deposit: You should know that the company also offers free insurance cover on the deposit. It ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. According to the Company Act 2013, which has been effective since April 1, 2014, companies have to purchase insurance cover up to Rs 20,000 for corporate deposits. In the event of this, they can be fined. However, companies have to face difficulties because usually insurance companies do not provide this type of cover.

Insurance cover is also available on air travel: You hardly know but you get an insurance cover on your air travel, whose size can vary depending on the insurer. Most companies provide a legal liability cover under which passengers are compensated for loss of goods. According to the Air India website, “Claims will be settled in accordance with the prescribed agreement, in the event of damage or loss of goods, according to the Warsaw Convention, the compensation is calculated at a rate of $ 20 per kg. The maximum compensation for delay in arrival of goods / loss / luggage under the Montreal Convention is 1,000 SDR per passenger.