Why Mobile Insurance Is Important, How It Works

In the era of technology, smartphones have become very important for humans. In today’s era, with the help of smartphones, calls and messages can be done, such as paying bills, shopping, using the Internet, watching movies and games etc. According to statistics, this year India has surpassed America in the first quarter of smartphone sales.
Smartphones are expensive in today’s time, so people spend a lot of money on things such as covers and tempered glass to protect them, so that there should be no loss if the phone falls, while there is no special protection from it. Many people do not know that the smartphone can also be insured, in such a situation if the phone becomes bad then you will not be hurt.

These are some important things related to smartphone insurance-
There are many insurance policies available in the market, in which case the loss is covered in the case of smartphone theft, screen breakdown, falling into water etc. You can get the phone insured and you can avoid damages in the event of breakage and drowning in the water. In many policies the phone is repaired and sometimes it gets a new call.
Most phone maker companies give 1 year warranty on their smartphones, now the optional warranty can be extended up to three years. This warranty only fixes the phone’s malfunction, the company has nothing to do with its breakdown, falling into the water or stealing.
Smartphones now have very important and private data, which people of criminal activities can steal or tamper with cyber crime. Cyber ??Insurance Policy is protected from online fraud, cyber-exclusions, identity theft, malware attacks etc.