Tips to protect social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter

World Social Media Day is celebrated every year on June 30. Through social media, we can interact with people sitting far away. We can keep our Opinion, so today it has become a part of our everyday life. Social media is the only way we can connect with our relatives, friends and family sitting away. In today’s internet era, social media has simplified our life in many ways. According to the latest data, Facebook has 2.38 billion Monthly Active Users, that means every third person in the world has their own Facebook account. Due to the increasing trend of smartphones, the trend of social media has increased.

It is very important to keep a popular social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Your personal photos, contacts, videos on social media, and many such information is what we just like to share with our closest people. Considering the increasing incidents of cyber crime, securing your social media account is equally important. Today we are going to tell you some similar tips that will help you keep your social media account safe.

Tip 1: Keep the Hard Passwords

Always use difficult password for social media account. In such a way, cracking or gaming passwords may not be easy for the public. Many users use ordinary passwords like “password123” when creating a password. Avoid such a password, otherwise your social media account may be unsafe. Hard does not mean choose a password that you can not even remember. Always use alpha numeric password when creating a password. In it you have to create special character and number combinations with letter (capital and small). It is difficult to crack or gamble such a password.

Tip 2: Change from time to time Password

The account is not secured by keeping a hard password. Password should be changed from time to time, otherwise the password is in danger of being hacked. You change the password every month or every three months. By doing so, your social media account can be secure.

Tip 3: Two-factor authentication

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram give you two-factor authentication options. In this case, you can secure these social media accounts through Two-Factor Authentication. After activating two-factor-authentication, whenever a user tries to log in to your account, a security code comes in your mobile or e-mail. Which can not be logged without entering your account. In this case, this process is considered as the most secure. Hopefully you can keep your social media account safe with the help of given tips.