That dark day of history, when the Nazis fired on thousands of students!

Every year on 17 November, International Students Day is celebrated. Which makes the relationship between student and teacher more important where on the one hand the teacher plays the role of a nation builder to determine the future of the country, on the other hand the student follows the path of the teacher and decides the future of the country. Does. International Student Day is celebrated every year on 17 November to make the world aware of student rights. What is the history of International Student Day and why is International Student Day celebrated? What is the story behind this?

November 17 is the dark day of history when the Nazis had tried atrocities on school students. On the same day in the Czechoslovakia capital, Prague, the Nazis fired indiscriminately on the students who were demonstrating. During this time one student was killed, while more than 1200 students were imprisoned and tortured. The Nazis then hanged nine students on the cross. Due to this, the international community came forward and remembered all the students who were killed by forming an international organization in London. Since then, this day for student solidarity is celebrated on 17 November worldwide.

What is the purpose
The purpose of celebrating this day is directly related to the rights of students. International Student Day is also known as ‘International Student Solidarity Day’. On this day, people around the world are made aware about the rights of students, sensitivity towards them and to encourage them, so that a good nation can be built! And keeping the interests of students in mind, they can give right direction to their interests!