Sim-Swap Means Cleaning your Bank Balance in Minutes, know how to avoid it.

Our dependence on smartphones is undoubtedly making our tasks easier, but it is also creating similar risks. Our smartphone contains all the information that is enough to harm us. If you do not know about SIM cloning or SIM swapping, then you must read this news of us. We are giving this information to you in detail through this news.

Know what’s the SIM swapping?

Sim cloning or sim swapping is a technique through which cybercrime can be easily executed. Through this, the person who frauds is able to duplicate your SIM. SIM swaps in easy terms means SIM Exchange. In this, a new SIM registration is done with your phone number. After this process your SIM stops. Then, using the OTP that comes to the second number registered on your number, one can easily easily cash in on your account.

1 How to Avoid Sim Swapping?If the network connectivity is not getting better on your SIM and neither is there any phone calls to your phone nor any alert, then immediately complain to your mobile operators.
2 Do not share your mobile number even on social media. If you suspect SIM Swapping, then contact your mobile operators for immediate complaint.
3 If there are too many unknown calls coming to your mobile phone, do not close your cell phone in case of receiving. It can be a trick to the fraud that you switch off the phone and you can not see the tampering in your network.
4 You should regularly check your bank statement and online banking transaction history so that you can identify any problem or irregularity. If you are the customer of ICICI Bank, then you can click on the Safe Banking section of the bank’s official website. So you have to be cautious only then you will be able to keep yourself safe from such fraud.