Payment of LIC Premium from Net and Phone Banking is beneficial, there are many benefits.

In order to purchase a life insurance policy, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a very popular and trustworthy alternative. Premium of LIC Policy is paid through Cash, Check, NetBanking and Phone Banking. However, currently LIC’s premium payment is more beneficial than Net Banking and Phone Banking.

For details, let us know that you can take many benefits by paying LIC Premium with the help of Net Banking and Phone Banking. Online payment gateways can take many services through a click on LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India). Know about the advantages of LIC’s premium payment from Net and Phone Banking …

LIC Premium can be paid at any time via the internet. This feature is available seven days a week.
Without the office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, you can also complete the payment process.
This facility is provided free of charge from LIC. You do not have to give any additional shukla for this.
You can decide on the day you pay for your premium, you can do it yourself. If you want to fill it before your scheduled time, you can also make changes in it.
You will continue to receive information about the premiums paid by banks and service providers via email.
Through this facility, you can avoid the expenses of making a demand draft / pay order for sending premiums.
You can also avoid paying postage and courier expenses by paying premium through this medium.