LIC will Provide Home Loan to Non-Salaried People

Everyone is dreaming that he has his own home where he can breathe peace because the house of rent does not belong to him and he has to pay the house again and again. Because of which saving can not be done. In such a situation, if one is home, then a person can save some money for his future. In this case, if you want to take your own home then you can take a home loan. In fact, Housing Finance, a subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India, has recently made a big announcement. Explain that housing finance has launched a home loan product, which can be repaid up to the age of 75 years.
For this, LIC Housing Finance Company has tied up with the India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation, which means that the guarantee for the loan will be made available to the IMGC. In fact, the benefits of this scheme will be available to those who do not receive regular salary i.e. LIC Housing Finance will also offer home loans to non-salaried people. Apart from this, this company will also lend to those who do not have any credit history.
That is, the company launched this home loan with the people in mind, who do not have regular salary or any other types of credit history. For your information, let us know that IMGC is a private company formed in collaboration with National Housing Bank, Gainworth Inc., International Finance Corporation and Asian Development Bank and this company gives the default guarantee for financial institutions in the country. Through which every person can get a permanent home to live.