Know what’s the difference between the Cibil score and the Cibill Report

Customers using credit card are familiar with Cibill score. Whether it is a matter of using a credit card or taking a loan from the bank, the Cibil score is of great importance. This is the way to get your loan clear, and also how much you will get a loan. Many times people remain confluent in the Cibill score and Cibil report. Although the Cibil score is still a familiar name, but when it comes to the report of the civil report, then people go a little bit stuck here. Today we are telling you about the Cibill score and the Cibil Report in this news.

What is Cibill report:- The Cibill Report contains complete information about your credit history. This includes information from your personal information, contact details, where you work, loan account, credit details. The last 36 months of your credit history are seen to prepare the Cybill report.

Cibill score:- Cibil score is determined by three digits. It provides this information that if you have done the loan from the time you have taken the loan or not, you have never lost a loan, you have paid the interest payment. You have paid all the amount only once or have paid the minimum amount. Every information about it is in the Cibill score.