Facebook Again Did Data Leak, Share Personal Information of Users

Facebook, already facing the charge of data theft, has once again got into controversy. Once again, Facebook has been accused of sharing data. According to a report released by The New York Times, Facebook has leaked information about users to about 60 companies of the world making smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, on social media platform Facebook. In fact, Facebook had made a big deal to reach the personal information of the users from phone and other device makers, to become the world’s largest company. Let us know, Facebook is the world’s largest company serving on social media.

Facebook’s 8.7 million people accused of sharing their personal data wrongly

The most shocking thing about this whole deal is that, under this deal, Facebook has given these companies to the personal information of their friends and not only the users. It is being told that such partnership continued till April. Facebook and its activities have come under scrutiny after the disclosure of the case of data sharing from Cambridge Analyca. It is notable that in a few weeks just before the sharing of private data of 8.7 million people, Facebook had to face severe criticism, and now this report has come up.